Desktop Pictures


Here you will find a variety of pictures I have created in Photoshop as well as some interesting pictures that I didn't know where else to put.

Coming Soon!


Fairly self explanatory.
A collection of wildlife (and some not so wild life) photos.

Coming Soon!


Cities of the world that I have visited.
If you like cityscapes or skylines check this one out.

Coming Soon!


Pictures from countries that I have visited.
At the moment I have pictures from the following countries up:
China, Japan, Thailand, and the United States
Coming Soon!


What do you mean you think food is a strange category?

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A miniscule photographic tribute to the plethora of plant life on our small planet.


I've always found texture and macro photography fascinating.
Here are some interesting textures from my collection.

Coming Soon!
All pictures are owned by Ben Rogers and are provided for non commercial use. If you would like to use any of these pictures for commercial purposes please contact me at