Computer News/Review Sites
Anandtech - Technology News & Reviews.
MacNN - Macintosh News updated daily.
OS X Hints - Mac OS X & Unix Hints & Tricks.
Sharky Extreme - x86 Hardware Reviews & Comparisons.
Slashdot - The quintessential Geek news site.
Tom's Hardware - x86 Hardware Reviews & Comparisons.
XLR8YourMac - Mac News, Performance, and Mods.

Technology Deal Sites
Dealmac - Besides Macs they do PCs, Consumer Electronics, Ram & More, updated weekdays.
Froogle - A price search engine offshoot of the ever popular google.
Pricewatch - Looking for the absolute lowest prices on a cpu/mobo combo? This is the place to be.
Ramseeker - The place to go to check current ram prices (though Dealram is catching up).
Techbargains - Easy to read listings of computer and other deals, updated daily.

Software Search & Update Sites
MacUpdate - Lists of Macintosh software for OS X and OS 9. - Tons of different programs that you can search and download.
Sourceforge - The world's largest open source software development site.
Versiontracker - Search for software for Macintosh and PC.

Search Engines
Altavista - Before google, my favorite. Still a relatively good search engine.
Google - Currently the best search engine available (at least in my book).

Online Stores
Amazon - Yes, they are huge, but sometimes they have good deals, look for rebates and free shipping.
Apple Computer - Looking for a new Mac? Go straight to the source.
Boundless Technologies - Reliable ram supplier, often very low prices.
Data Memory Systems - Excellent customer service and exchange turnaround. For ram and computer batteries you can't go wrong.
Dell - The biggest PC vendor. Cheap PCs that are good quality and they often have discounts and promotions going on (check Techbargains).
Computer Geeks - Low prices on computer parts and electronics. Good customer service. Use "dealnews" coupon code for 10% off non-geek specials.
Hi Tech Cafe - Computer parts liquidator. Sometimes they have deals on hard drives and adapters.
Ebay - Not a store, but you can find almost anything you could ever want here (just don't pay too much...).
Newegg - Computer parts of every sort, good service and good prices.
Other World Computing - Mac Specialist that frequently has good deals on upgrade products. Also a good place to buy laptop screen protectors for your Mac.
Small Dog Electronics - A Mac Specialist, a good place to look for older mac models, and check out their Garage Sale.
Tiger Direct - Computer parts and Electronics vendor. Look for good deals on older model graphics cards.

Reference Sites - A nice free online dictionary, complete with sound file pronunciations. - Online encyclopedia.
CIA World Fact Book - A nice resource for information on countries around the world.