Here you will find a short list of the tech items that I use at home.

The Computers
Apple iBook 700MHz
Running Mac OS X 10.2
12.1 inch screen with combo drive
Airport so I can wander around the house :)
This is my primary machine

1.3GHz Duron PC System
Running Windows XP
Primarily used for programming and games

1.3GHz Athlon PC System
Running Windows 2000
Used mostly for games and some Windows only applications

PowerTower Pro G3 275MHz
Running Mac OS 9
System is used for scanning

166MHz K6 PC System
Running a CLI only Debian install
Used for tinkering with Linux and doing DNS service

The Network
All machines are connected via switched 100bT and are connected to a DSL connection using a NAT enabled home router. For 802.11b access a wireless access point has been installed.

The Peripherals
Too many to list!
About 1TB of storage available on the network.
External portable firewire drive.
Compact Flash Readers.
High Quality Inkjet Printers
Etc. Etc. Etc.

The Camera
Coolpix 5700 (Takes beautiful pictures, check out some of my pictures)
Lots of extra batteries and large compact flash cards (About enough to take 1000 pictures without downloading, high quality jpeg)